A World of Minerals in Your Mobile Device

This fact sheet from the U.S. Geological Survey shows ore minerals that are sources of mineral commodities used to make cell phones and a map of the countries that produce some of these minerals.

Mining Fact Sheet

This Mining Fact Sheet summarizes major mining and mineral processing tools and techniques and highlights critical metals.

Mineral Resources Fact Sheet

This Mineral Resources Fact Sheet discusses some of today’s important mineral and mining topics such as minerals in your diet, industrial and construction minerals, minerals in green technology, artisanal mining and conflicts and efforts to address these.

Rocks/Minerals Bookmark Posters

A – L Rocks/Minerals Bookmark poster (23” x 32 ½”)
M – Z Rocks/Minerals Bookmark poster (23” x 32 ½”)

Each 23” x 32 ½” poster shows 40 common rocks & minerals. Each bookmark shows one rock/mineral with picture, uses and characteristics. Cut to separate. Can be laminated after cut. 2 – 23” x 32 ½” posters

Everyday Uses of Minerals and Rock Odyssey Posters

A combination of two posters on a single sheet. Each poster is 16” x 23”. Cut to separate.

Poster 1: Everything We Use Comes From Our Natural Resources. Every day, minerals are at work in products we all use. Minerals are in paper and pencils, in toothpaste and baby powder, in televisions and airplanes. A great wall poster to emphasize that everything comes from our natural resources.

Poster 2: Rock Odyssey. Helps students learn about the three major types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic) and how rocks are formed.
2 – 16” x 23” posters, total poster size 23″ x 32″