Mining Fact Sheet

This Mining Fact Sheet summarizes major mining and mineral processing tools and techniques and highlights critical metals.

Mineral Resources Fact Sheet

This Mineral Resources Fact Sheet discusses some of today’s important mineral and mining topics such as minerals in your diet, industrial and construction minerals, minerals in green technology, artisanal mining and conflicts and efforts to address these.

Nevada Mining Association Hands-On Mineral Education Activities

Conduct learning activities all about mining, processing ore, and the properties, chemistry and importance of minerals and their uses. There are 85 lessons in the list, and the table can be sorted by Activity or Grade Level. Note the activities are correlated with older Nevada State Standards. Activities are listed according to grades, K-12, with a good distribution of represented grades.

Barb Filas – Mining Engineer — Interview

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM subjects) are used by mining professionals throughout the industry. Listen to these interviews to see how interest in STEM subjects can lead to a rewarding career in the mining industry.

Here, Barb Filas describes what a mining engineer does, and how she went from having a math interest, to engineering, to working on six continents. Her professional focus is on permitting and environmental aspects of mining, specializing in international environmental and social impact assessment evaluation. [11:12]

Mining 101 Presentation

Mining 101 is a 66-slide PowerPoint presentation, created as a teaching tool for your classroom. Divided into three sections, the lessons can be taught in 2 – 3 days. The lessons have been created for grades 5 – 12, but can be adapted to any grade or age. By utilizing the extension activities and related MEC resources (listed in the presentation), the possibilities are endless!