Jobs of Tomorrow Videos

The new SME series, Jobs of Tomorrow, shares the many reasons why mining should be the career of the future. Each episode features a different aspect of the mining and minerals industry along with the jobs that bring it together.  Explore the exciting, high-tech, and surprisingly green world
of mining where the careers today are not what you expect.

The Elements of Clean Energy – Full Episode (21:13)
The Elements of Clean Energy – Microlearning (2:50)

Community Relations: What’s Mine is Yours – Full Episode (23:39)
Community Relations:  What’s Mine is Yours – Microlearning (1:52)

Mining Data for Mining Innovations – Full Episode (20:38)
Mining Data for Mining Innovations – Microlearning (3:46)

Make Mine ESG – Full Episode (22:17)
Make Mine ESG – Microlearning (2:55)

Mining 2.0:  Progress and Innovation in the Industry – Full Episode (20:51)
Mining 2.0:  Progress and Innovation in the Industry – Microlearning (3:31)

Urban Mining: Core to the Future – Full Episode (21:10)
Urban Mining: Core to the Future – Microlearning (3:46)

Education GeoSource

The Education GeoSource database has thousands of free resources, from lessons to outreach and teacher professional development, for use in classrooms, scout programs, or at home.

Understanding Coal

Hands-on, critical thinking activities introduce intermediate students to the formation of coal, the coal mining process, reclamation of lands, uses of coal, electricity generation, and advantages and disadvantages of utilizing coal. 112 pages.  Find related curricula at

This Mine Of Mine

Middle school students explore the formation, geology, recovery, and uses of coal, as well as the reclamation of coal mine sites. Using sand, clay, soil and rocks, students build a miniature plot of land containing coal deposits. Students then learn about surface mining, and practice the method on a plot of land. After the coal is mined, students reclaim the plot of land and discuss how the coal is transported and used. 10 pages.  Find related curricula at  Originally from Project Stone. 

Dig Into Mining: The Story of Copper Activities

Uncover the use of metals such as copper, gold and molybdenum in everyday life and gain a deeper understanding of today’s hard rock mining industry. Discovery Education and Freeport-McMoRan have created an interactive program for grades 6-8 and 9-12 that equips educators, students and families with dynamic resources – including a virtual field trip, interactive digital learning tools, school-to-home connections, exploration activities and STEM resources.

Everything Is Made From Something Poster

An average American house requires many natural resources. Learn about the many resources required to build a home.

32” x 23”; folded; one-sided

Suggested Grades: ALL

Mining 101 Presentation

Mining 101 is a 66-slide PowerPoint presentation, created as a teaching tool for your classroom. Divided into three sections, the lessons can be taught in 2 – 3 days. The lessons have been created for grades 5 – 12, but can be adapted to any grade or age. By utilizing the extension activities and related MEC resources (listed in the presentation), the possibilities are endless!