The Mining Industry and Minerals Primer

This eight-page publication has information about the common mineral groups, how a mine is made, mineral exploration, concentrating, smelting and refining, and related simple activities.

11″ x 17″ two-color newspaper-format

Suggested Grades: K – 8

Copper: More Than Metal

Delve into the mining, processing and use of the important metal copper in a 16-page unit created by Freeport-McMoRan.

Rocks/Minerals Bookmark Posters

A – L Rocks/Minerals Bookmark poster (23” x 32 ½”)
M – Z Rocks/Minerals Bookmark poster (23” x 32 ½”)

Each 23” x 32 ½” poster shows 40 common rocks & minerals. Each bookmark shows one rock/mineral with picture, uses and characteristics. Cut to separate. Can be laminated after cut. 2 – 23” x 32 ½” posters

Laminated Mineral Bookmarks

The full-color rocks, minerals, metals and elements bookmark set features 40 mineral commodities with photos, information, everyday uses, and classification guides. Each bookmark has information printed on front and back. The 40 individual bookmarks are laminated, packaged into complete sets, and are ready for classroom use.