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The new SME series, Jobs of Tomorrow, shares more reasons why mining should be the career of the future. Each episode features a different aspect of the mining and minerals industry along with the jobs that bring it together.

Thanks to sponsor companies Freeport-McMoRan, Luck Stone, Copper Mountain Mining Corp, and Komatsu for sharing your stories and industry perspectives.  Supported by Brooks & Nelson.

Make Mine ESG – MICRO LEARNING (2:55)

Mining has evolved and is at the forefront of sustainable business practices, making sure we’re conserving what we need for future development. Find out more about this in this micro learning.

Make Mine ESG (22:32)

Mining is an industry that gets a bad rap. It’s certainly not top of mind when it comes to sustainability and that’s definitely not helped by how it’s portrayed in the public. But we’re in the 21st Century and like most industries, mining has evolved. Learn more about how mining is not just digging holes anymore.

Community Relations:  What’s Mine is Yours (23:39)

The local community is not all the same and neither is their relationship with the mining company. By initiating open, transparent, and sometimes challenging conversations, mining companies are identifying meaningful ways to involve and give back to the communities they work in. Teams of people are working with stakeholders – both internal and external – to develop strategies for modern mining projects. Community relations often include ESG-related initiatives that are critical to measuring the ethical and sustainable impact of a company on a local area. Learn more about how community relations is building a bridge to ensure responsible mining in this Jobs of Tomorrow episode.






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