All About Coal

Introduce primary and elementary students to the formation of coal, the coal mining process, reclamation of lands, and the uses of coal. Hands-on, multi-disciplinary activities. Free download.  59 pages.  Find related curricula at

From Ore To More Video

This fun 6-minute video from Rio Tinto’s Kennecott Utah Copper tells the story of copper from start to finish, through the mining, processing and end uses of copper, complete with great mathematical analogies for the scale of giant sizes and weights.

Content aimed at grades 4-8, though all ages will enjoy the video. [5:59]

Potash Mining Video

Potash is a common name for salts that contain potassium. Potassium (K) is an important element in human and animal health, and a major nutrient for plant growth and crop yield. This 5-minute video from Nutrients for Life discusses the process of creating usable potash for fertilizer through two different mining techniques for extracting and processing potash ore. [5:16]

Nevada Mining Association Virtual Tour

Take a virtual self-guided tour behind-the-scenes of Newmont Mining’s Twin Creeks Gold Mine and Mill. View the mine from an overlook, visit the underground mine (1000 feet below the surface), the gold refinery, process lab, emergency refuge chamber and other facilities through narration, 360° images, and videos. The upper left area has symbols for options like a list of the stops on the tour, a map of the tour, and more information about some of the sites on the tour.

Note: The virtual tour works best with the latest version of modern browsers Firefox, Explorer and Chrome. The introductory narration can be silenced with a sound button in the lower right corner area. If this does not work, start again and go directly back to where you were. Content is aimed at grades 6-12, though all ages will enjoy the Virtual Tour.

Nevada Mining Association Hands-On Mineral Education Activities

Conduct learning activities all about mining, processing ore, and the properties, chemistry and importance of minerals and their uses. There are 85 lessons in the list, and the table can be sorted by Activity or Grade Level. Note the activities are correlated with older Nevada State Standards. Activities are listed according to grades, K-12, with a good distribution of represented grades.

Mine Safety Primer

This eight-page National Energy Foundation publication contains information about the importance of mining, technological advances in mining, hazards around abandoned mines and quarries, mining careers and abandoned mine safety practices. Activities include “Mine Safety News,” “Abandoned Mines and Unsafe Air” and multiple additional activity suggestions like “Mine Hazard Charades” and “Name a Danger.”

11″ x 17″ two-color newspaper-format

Suggested Grades: K-8

The Mining Industry and Minerals Primer

This eight-page publication has information about the common mineral groups, how a mine is made, mineral exploration, concentrating, smelting and refining, and related simple activities.

11″ x 17″ two-color newspaper-format

Suggested Grades: K – 8

What is a Mine? Coloring Book [English and French]

Travel to the world of Mighty Miner (MM for short)! Through this 20 page activity book, MM will be your guide exploring types of mines, mining processes and structures, and the miners and geologists who bring important minerals to all of us. This coloring book is from Mining Matters (Canada) compliments of Barrick Gold.

Everyday Uses of Minerals and Rock Odyssey Posters

A combination of two posters on a single sheet. Each poster is 16” x 23”. Cut to separate.

Poster 1: Everything We Use Comes From Our Natural Resources. Every day, minerals are at work in products we all use. Minerals are in paper and pencils, in toothpaste and baby powder, in televisions and airplanes. A great wall poster to emphasize that everything comes from our natural resources.

Poster 2: Rock Odyssey. Helps students learn about the three major types of rocks (sedimentary, igneous and metamorphic) and how rocks are formed.
2 – 16” x 23” posters, total poster size 23″ x 32″