Saskatchewan Mining Association Education Outreach

This organization provides free lesson plans for elementary, middle and secondary teachers and students. In addition to searching the database of activities, helpful references, career profiles, video series and more are offered.  Topics include potash mining, uranium processing, gold and coal mining, and related chemistry. Some reference materials are available in French.

Iron Minerals on the Moon

Students will model the process of magnetic separation of minerals that metallurgists use to separate valuable iron minerals from the rest of the minerals in the ore, using common breakfast cereal.

Minerals in My State

Minerals in My State (Grades 6-12)

Students will learn about mineral commodities mined or produced in their home state.
Students will consider the importance of minerals in their everyday lives, now and in the future, in relation to the availability of critical minerals.

Aluminum: Saving Energy to Make More

A large amount of energy is required in processing aluminum ore (bauxite) to remove the other elements from the minerals in the bauxite to make pure aluminum metal.  Students will conduct a related experiment and calculation activity.

Safe As a Mine

Students will learn about the Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) used in mining, as well as innovations that make a safe industry even safer.

Use the Mining PPE information sheet with the Safe as a Mine Activity.

Jobs of Tomorrow Activity Unit

Learn about important engineering, environmental and tech jobs in this new unit.  Watch the Jobs of Tomorrow video series and complete the related activities to understand how innovation is changing the jobs required to meet the growing demand for minerals.

Safe as a Mine (Grades 6-12)

Use this Mining PPE information sheet with the Safe as a Mine Activity above.

Aluminum: Saving Energy to Make More (Grades 9-12)

Minerals in My State (Grades 6-12)

Flying Drones in the Mining Industry video