87Fr Francium

Year Discovered


Discovered By

Marguerite Perey of France

Biological Rating

Not necessary for life.


Named for France, francium is a highly radioactive metal. It is an alkali metal, so it probably shares the same chemistry as cesium. It also shares the same melting point as cesium, so that francium would melt if held in one’s hand. Francium, however, is so rare, that an amount of francium sufficient to weigh has never been produced and its chemistry has not been well studied. It is estimated that no more than 30 grams of francium exists at any one time on Earth. It is a decay product of uranium and it can also be created artificially. There is not enough francium on Earth for it to have any industrial or commercial uses. The most stable isotope of francium has a half-life of 22 minutes.

Biological Benefits

Francium has no known biological use.

Role in Life Processes

No known benefits for life processes in plants and animals.


Francium is almost non-existent on Earth. It can be produced by particle bombardment of radium or thorium.