SME’s Minerals Education Coalition supports local outreach conducted by SME members, Sections and Student Chapters.  Take advantage of the below resources when conducting outreach in your local area:

Bulk pricing extends to select paper posters and activities in the MEC online store. (Does not include Blue Marble poster, bookmarks, panning supplies, and some other items.)

SME Members/Sections/Student Chapters

SME Sections and SME Student Chapters will receive the first 100 select posters free when ordering bulk posters (at least 200) at the following rates:

SME Member Bulk Posters

First 100 (when buying 200+ bulk) = Free
101 – 200 = 50% off
201+ = 75% off

The SME member/Section/Student Chapter will pay shipping for all ordered posters.

When purchasing at least 200 select posters, contact MEC to receive 100 posters free. ( or Akudo Nwokeukwu, MEC outreach coordinator, at or 303-948-4221).