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Today’s world faces complex problems. We all need to work together to manage the Earth’s natural resources wisely. More scientists and engineers will be called upon to find the answers we need, especially in the mining industry since it supplies the world’s mineral products. There are literally hundreds of careers related to mining. Careers in mining offer the opportunity for world travel, good income and the chance to make a difference.


SME Exploring Mining Careers Booklet NEW
Download this new 16-page guide for students, parents and teachers to learn more about mining-related careers.

Jobs of Tomorrow Video Series
The new SME series, Jobs of Tomorrow, shares the many reasons why mining should be the career of the future. Each episode features a different aspect of the mining and minerals industry along with the jobs that bring it together.

Each video has a 20-23 minute full episode, and a shorter 1.5-3.5 minute microlearning version.  Access them all on the Jobs of Tomorrow webpage.  Explore the exciting, high-tech, and surprisingly green world of mining where the careers today are not what you expect.

The Elements of Clean Energy – Full Episode (21:13)
The Elements of Clean Energy – Microlearning (2:50)

Community Relations: What’s Mine is Yours – Full Episode (23:39)
Community Relations:  What’s Mine is Yours – Microlearning (1:52)

Mining Data for Mining Innovations – Full Episode (20:38)
Mining Data for Mining Innovations – Microlearning (3:46)

Make Mine ESG – Full Episode (22:17)
Make Mine ESG – Microlearning (2:55)

Mining 2.0:  Progress and Innovation in the Industry – Full Episode (20:51)
Mining 2.0:  Progress and Innovation in the Industry – Microlearning (3:31)

Urban Mining: Core to the Future – Full Episode (21:10)
Urban Mining: Core to the Future – Microlearning (3:46)

Why Explore a Career in Mining and Mineral Resources? Infographic

Mining Careers Flyer
Whether you like to work with tools, solve problems, work with people or conduct research, there are great careers in the mining industry for you.  Download this sheet of mining-related careers to learn more about becoming a geologist, industrial designer, mining engineer, plant worker, environmental engineer and more.

Mining Schools

Many universities and colleges have programs for mining, metallurgy and other mineral-related sciences. The Society for Mining, Metallurgy and Exploration has a list of Accredited Schools and Programs to use as a reference.

To learn more, download any of these flyers from mining schools and employers:

Colorado School of Mines
Michigan Tech
Missouri S&T
Missouri S&T: A “Booming” Industry
Missouri S&T: Where Art and Science Intersect
Montana Tech: Geological Engineering
Montana Tech: Mining Engineering
Montana Tech: Metallurgy and Materials Engineering
New Mexico Tech
Penn State
South Dakota Mines
University of Minnesota
University of Utah Materials Science & Engineering
University of Utah Mining Engineering
University of Kentucky
Virginia Tech
West Virginia University

Caterpillar Internships
Freeport-McMoRan Internships

J. H. Fletcher & Co.

MEC Careers in Mining Videos

Why Mining? [5:18]

Mining professionals talk about their careers, why they love mining and the opportunities in the mining industry. Presented by the Minerals Education Coalition (MEC) and the Society for Mining, Metallurgy & Exploration (SME) Young Leaders Committee.

Mining Answers [12:08]

Kids have questions about careers in mining. Mining professionals have the answers! In this video, the Minerals Education Coalition brings the kids and miners together to share their information about mining with YOU!

Interview shutterstock_96299186redInterviews

Science, technology, engineering and math (STEM subjects) are used by mining professionals throughout the industry. Listen to these interviews to see how interest in STEM subjects can lead to a rewarding career in the mining industry.



Scott McAnally – Exploration Geologist

Download File | Duration: 10:08 | Size: 23.2 mb

Barb Filas – Mining Engineer

Download File | Duration: 11:12 | Size: 25.6 mb

Jim Gusek – Reclamationist

Download File | Duration: 9:55 | Size: 22.7 mb

Stacy Kramer – Health & Safety

Download File | Duration: 6:33 | Size: 15.0 mb

Bonus! A Conversation with a Reclamationist

Download File | Duration: 12:00 | Size: 27.4 mb

Also find discussions of careers in the mining and minerals industries from Freeport-McMoRan:

STEM Pro Live – Freeport-McMoRan, Miami Mine, CO – April 2015

Mining & Career Bookmarks

View the bookmarks below or click here to purchase the bookmark trio.

Exploration/Exploration Geologist

Mining/Mining Engineer

Reclamation/Environmental Engineer


Mining and Mineral Related Job Board is a provider of online recruiting services for mining and mineral related professionals. Take a look at actual mining-related jobs available today!

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