Infrastructure and Construction Materials Guide

The Infrastructure and Construction Materials Guide is a resource about the infrastructure and construction materials segment of the industrial minerals and related industries.

Each section includes a commodity summary with details that include geology, prices, uses, rock or concentrates, production quantities, significant competitors, and countries of production suppliers. The data sources include SME’s Industrial Minerals and Rocks, 7th edition, the annual U.S. Geological Survey Commodity Summaries, and other relevant sources with data not normally included in these two primary sources.

The intended audience is the public, so this resource can be used by teachers, university faculty and students, law and accounting firms, media, state and federal legislatures and others.

Bill Wilson, Senior Editor of this Guide

Table of Contents

Aggregates – Dr. Kadri Dagdelen, Bill Wilson

Bentonite – Richard Brown, Bill Wilson

Cement and Cement Raw Materials – Tom Newman, Bill Wilson

Decorative and Dimensional Stone – Bill Wilson

Graphite – Bill Wilson

Gypsum and Gypsum Board – Roger Sharpe, Bill Wilson

Lithium – Mike Blois, Bill Wilson

Perlite – Bill Wilson

Structural Clay Materials – Jerry Gauntt, Bill Wilson


This information guide is dedicated to the memory of Dr. Jessica E. Kogel who gave to her profession and SME the study and instruction of industrial minerals. Dr. Kogel was one of the four editors of the SME, Industrial Minerals and Rocks, 7th Edition. Her life’s work was considered in each chapter of the Guide.

Cement and Cement Raw Materials
Decorative and Dimensional Stone
Gypsum and Gypsum Board
Structural Clay Materials