Newmont Mining Corporation



Newmont Mining and the Minerals Education Coalition (formerly Mineral Information Institute) have been partnering for almost 20 years to educate K-12 students and teachers around the globe about the importance of mining and minerals to our daily lives. Over $500,000 has been donated by Newmont to support the mission of MEC. They stand as the largest supporter of the great outreach and education initiatives of the organization.

Over the years, Newmont operations around the country have purchased MEC materials to distribute to educators in their local communities and during their outreach activities. Products included posters, classroom lesson plans and activities, videos and DVDs – all designed to convey the message about the importance of mining and minerals to our daily lives and high standard of living.

The MEC has now positioned itself as the global clearing house of all K-12 educational materials related to mining and minerals. Newmont’s funding helps the ongoing expansion of MEC’s informational on-line clearing house, providing the most up-to-date STEM relevant classroom resources for each mineral commodity and using a variety of learning modalities to reach students.

Newmont executives have served on, and continue to be intimately involved with, current and past MEC operating committees including the Board of Directors, Steering Committee, Leadership Council, Outreach & Marketing, Financial & Fundraising, Materials Development and Training. Those most deeply involved included Mary Korpi, Ron Cambre, Bill Zisch, Randy Eppler, Bruce Hanson, Greg Etter, Chris Anderson and Marc LeVier. As 2008 Chairman of the Board of Mii, Marc LeVier was instrumental in facilitating the merger of the former Mineral Information Institute with SME.

The MEC is grateful for Newmont’s continued support of MEC’s K-12 mining and minerals education initiatives that have now expanded to include the Move Mining public perception campaign, a new and improved MEC website, educational materials for all sectors of mining (metal, coal, aggregates, industrial minerals) and more.