Move Mining


ANNOUNCEMENT:  The Move Mining program has concluded.  The program ran for six seasons and saw many outstanding proposals with ideas to improve the perception of mining, as well as the exciting programs implemented with the help of the program and prizes.  SME and MEC would like to express our appreciation to all of the many competitors, reviewers, judges, volunteers and sponsors who made the program not only meaningful, but award winning.  Special thanks to our dedicated overall sponsors Komatsu for their support and contributions to the program and live events throughout the run of the program. Learn about the annual SME and MEC awards and competitions, and please continue to work with SME and MEC to further support the mining and minerals industry.


In Move Mining, competitors vie for a prize of $5,000. Teams submit an abstract and a 3 minute video about their concept to change the perception of mining.  Four finalist teams are chosen by judges and one finalist team is chosen by People’s Choice.  The People’s Choice award is for the video that receives the most votes online.  The five finalists compete in a live event at that year’s SME Annual Conference & Expo.


Please join us in congratulating TerraMovers, the winners of the Season 6 Move Mining competition.  Presenting to participants in MINEXCHANGE 2022 SME Annual Conference & EXPO, this team from Peru and the U.S.—Jose Enriquez, Lizeth Quispe, Raul Quispe, Ingrid Benito and Cole Warnock—shared their idea on how to change the public’s perception of mining.

TerraMovers presented their plan to improve the perception of mining by developing an interactive video game called “Goaldigger.” The video game, targeting mainly kids and teenagers 9 years to 24 years old, is intended to change the perception of mining from a simple and ancient activity, to a modern activity that requires health and safety procedures, equipment, and specialized human resources at each stage of the mining activities.   They took home the grand prize of $5,000 for their creativity, hard work and focus.

Thank you to our wonderful Move Mining Season 6 emcee, Heyda Vass, and our five expert judges Stacy Koon, Julie Marinucci, Carlos Eyzaguirre, Jill Rick and Abani Samal. We truly appreciate their contribution to helping change the perception of mining!

The support of Move Mining’s Overall Sponsor Komatsu has been indispensable throughout this program.

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