MEC Activities for Summer Fun

MEC materials can enhance your activities in summer camp, at an outdoor company picnic or for family fun in the sun. Try some of these activities with your camp and scouting groups and your children and grandchildren this summer!

Make “hexaflexagon” models of the Earth’s continents through time, of the night sky, or Earth’s surface. Order a set of either TectonoCycles, GeoCycles or AstroCycles from the MEC store. Scissors, a straight edge and tape are all you need to put these fun and educational models together. Identify stars in the night sky with your Astrocycle when you’re done!


Try your hand at gold panning with our Gold Panning Kits. The kits have everything you need to pan for gold. There’s a process and technique to it, and you can master that with these tools while learning about history and density. We also have additional pans and even sand with gold or gemstones so anyone can practice their technique, even in a kiddie pool! Round this all out with these activities and stories, free for download on the MEC website:
-Make a Mining and Money Catcher and explore the history of mining and money (more hands-on activities, including an activity on density and related information here).
-Read about the first gold discovery in America made by a 12-year-old boy in North Carolina in 1799.
-Take a virtual tour of a Nevada gold mine.

Have some fun with the more “magical” side of density with the Rocks Ahoy! activity.   Have the kids try various items to see if they sink or float in water, and be sure to include some pumice in your test samples.

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