What’s In My Toothpaste? A Mining and Minerals Game


Click the image of the game board to download a sample PDF of the “What’s in My Toothpaste?” Game

What’s In My Toothpaste? is a game that makes you ask, “Where do they find the materials to make the things I use every day?”

The game is designed as an interactive board game and has other learning tools such as a Word Match, Word Search and a Mathematics Connection where students use context clues to match the number with the facts.

Educators can use this game for content area reading, reading comprehension, number sense with measurement values, and critical thinking – all with an element of competition. For additional teaching tools, make sure to check out MEC’s K-12 Education Resources Database or search Standards Correlations by entering your grade level or desired standard.

To learn more about What’s In My Toothpaste? or to get your copy of the game, please contact MEC at mec@smenet.org.

Learn more about minerals and mining here, or find more fun MEC activities from the American Geoscience Institute’s Earth Science Week here.

Answer Key

Mining & Minerals Match: A Vocabulary Match Game



By the Numbers: A Mathematics Connection


Word Search!